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The Newness Chicago

Industry: Arts/Performance
Location: Chicago, IL 


Brand Messaging / Management
Brand Design
Content Strategy
Event Copy​
Copy Editing
Poster Design

In mounting a new series to showcase previously unproduced scripts, I worked closely with the performance-focused company to provide a new spin on the familiar event-style.

Through a multitude of discussions, we focused on the genuine act of creation, the messaging/imagery from each script (from the changes in a town in Texas to the deaths of unarmed Black Men & Women) to both showcase the hard work on the script, and invite those attending to both visualize & participate in the creative process.

A few examples from this social media campaign (Facebook, IG, etc) are available here, and the poster designs can be seen below.


In The End - Poster Design

In The End - Social Design (Intro to the Cast/Creative Team)

CTGD - Social Design (Intro to the Cast/Creative Team example)

In The End - Poster Design


Designs for (from left to right): IN THE END by Sharai Bohannon, take care by Austin Dowling, and Chicago Theatre GODDAMN by B.B. Cooper