The Newness Chicago

Industry: Arts/Performance
Location: Chicago, IL 



Content Strategy
Infographic Design
Email Blast Copy

Drafting up content for a one year anniversary fundraiser can require thorough analysis, cohesive alignment with brand strategy, and easily digestible information. The below infographics breakdown the cost of a each event, estimation of needed funds for the upcoming year, and the many exciting ideas. while demonstrating exciting new plans for upcoming year. 

However, as quickly as it was planned, in about a week, the entire organization dissolved in advance of the event. The result was an email draft to be sent out to the organization explaining the change, while highlighting the overall success of the organization & the individuals who composed it.  

The infographics, material from the donor packet, and eventual Dissolution letter are included here.

Dissolution letter.

Donor Letter Draft 3, Included in the Donor Packet

Infographic designed for engagement intended for the Annual Gala

Dissolution letter.