Button Poetry Video Contest Submission - 2020

Gardens Full of Weeds (2020)

The Newness Chicago: April Salon

Now Here This / Texas (4.22.19) (2019) with Dave Dizon

The Newness Chicago: June Salon

One Missed Call (2018)

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If I'd Only Liked Sports

Published June 2020

Their first book, If I'd Only Liked Sports, was written, and published over the Summer 2020 for their fianceé. It is not currently available for sale, but they're incredibly proud of it, and cannot wait to complete their next.  

Their work - heard in Austin, Dallas, Chicago, Spokane, Cincinnati, & New York - includes poems such as “The Church of Broken Teeth," "Texas (4.22.19)," "Saint Texas," "Haunted Houses (No Longer on Fire," & "For the  (Im)Possibility of Texas." 


Friends have been kind enough to say, “This isn’t garbage,’ when (re)reading Austin’s work, and they hope you’ll agree.

  • "I didn't cry, and don't quote me on this."

    - Kelsey, partner & muse